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Congratulations! You've made a wise decision to buy a beautiful piece of custom Amish furniture. I am sure that it will look wonderful in your home. So now, how do you take care of your treasure so that you and your family will enjoy it for many years to come? Let us share some ideas with you.

Amish Furniture Care

First of all, let us remind you that most of our Amish furniture is made from solid hardwood or select pine. That means that every exposed part is made of genuine hardwood or pine. Every board used shares the same general characteristics of its species whether it is oak, hickory, maple, cherry or pine, but it still maintains its own unique individuality. Each board is a reflection of nature and proudly tells the history of the tree from which it was cut.

Care for hardwood or pine furniture is not a difficult task. As in anything, furniture care begins with common sense. Most of the furniture on this site features our quality controlled conversion varnish finish. Although this finish is resistant to moisture and most household chemicals, care should be taken to refrain from spilling any liquids onto the surface of the wood. If a spill of any kind occurs, try to blot up the substance immediately. Don't allow any glass or dish to be placed on the wood surface without the use of coasters or hot plates. Use care when opening and closing any door or drawer. Always supervise young children around the furniture. For general cleaning, weekly dusting with a clean soft cloth, dry or slightly dampened is sufficient. If cleaning is required, a slightly dampened cloth with a little soap is recommended. Never soak the wood or leave the wood wet. Always dry the surface off with a soft cloth. If desired, lemon oil can be applied once or twice a year to add moisture.

General care of fine furniture begins with your home environment. Wood reacts to the humidity and temperature of your home. You may not know that before wood is used to make furniture, it is carefully dried to a point where it has just enough moisture to be able to successfully adjust to the humidity levels in your home. Once in your home, wood furniture continues to exchange moisture with the air, so it expands and shrinks as the humidity changes. Temperature also plays a part in the humidity levels of the air. To keep your Amish furniture looking its best, try to keep the humidity and temperature levels constant in your home. You can do this by using a humidifier in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer. Keep your house thermostat set around 70 -72 degrees F. year round. Radical changes in humidity and temperature should be avoided. Let me say one more word about heat. Don't place furniture in direct contact with heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators or heat vents. Also, guard against exposure to direct sunlight since constant exposure to the sun will damage the wood's finish and bleach the wood underneath. For tables with additional leaves, try to store these leaves in a horizontal position and keep them as close to the table as possible so that they experience the same temperature and humidity changes.

With proper care, your Amish furniture will last several lifetimes and be a proud part of your family tradition.

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