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History of Amish Furniture

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The history of Amish furniture begins with the religious beliefs of this unique group of people. Their beliefs led them to a lifestyle of sacrifice, hard work and separation from the outside world. Farming as a trade also fits very well into the Amish belief system. Farming provides a simple way of life that is in harmony with God and nature. The Amish farming community is almost self sufficient and they only interact with their "English” neighbors out of necessity. It is no surprise that the Amish needed to develop their skills as carpenters, since they were responsible for building their own houses and barns as well as all the furniture inside. Their tools and methods may be considered old fashioned because they do not use electricity and only limited use of modern technology. Much of the work is done by hand. Because of their strong work ethic and attention to detail, the furniture they build is beautiful and superior in quality. Because their religion stresses humility, their furniture lacks excessive decoration and can be described as plain, simple, functional and extremely durable.

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Over time, farmland in the Amish community began to grow scarce and the Amish had to turn to other ways to support their families. Because of their great skill in carpentry, many Amish turned to the housing industry or to furniture making. Soon workshops became common additions to every Amish farm. The sense of community and working together that is characteristic of the Amish culture naturally became a part of their furniture making business. Several craftsmen combine their skills when a piece of furniture is ordered, each one applying their own specific area of expertise. As skilled master craftsmen, Amish carpenters can build furniture in virtually any style, but it is the Mission and Shaker styles that they can most identify with because these styles are plain and simple, much like the furniture that the Amish use in their own homes. All of the furniture that the Amish make is made of sturdy solid hardwood construction. It has dovetail joints, concealed hinges and drawer slides and solid tongue and groove backs. Chairs are both screwed and glued for added stability and durability.

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The Amish craftsmen depend on their "English” neighbors to find customers for their beautiful furniture. Again, their religious beliefs do not allow their use of the telephone or Internet. They also may not own cars and do not travel far from their community. So, it is a website like ours that they choose to showcase their furniture to customers around the country and the world.

So, please spend some time viewing the beautiful pieces of furniture on our website. When you have decided on a piece that you like, use our customization options to design the piece exactly the way that you want. Your instructions will be given to our Amish craftsmen who will make your design a reality!

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